They're shopping multiple grocery stores. What's your carrot?

75% of U.S. grocers rely on Valassis

Why? Consumer behavior keeps shifting. The average shopper now goes to four different retailers for groceries.(1) 82% switch stores to take advantage of weekly specials.(2) Our retail clients look to us for insights, ideas, and effective, efficient media strategies that integrate print and digital – to stay top-of-mind and drive foot traffic along with online sales.

Source: 1. Kantar Retail ShopperScape®, Jan 2007–Jun 2017; 2. 2K17 Valassis Coupon Intelligence Report
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Shopper Insights

Consumers are looking for private brands
Source: Private Brands Differentiation & Loyalty, Damon, 2017
Shoppers surveyed:

  • 72%: Feel the availability of good private brand products is important to their satisfaction shopping a retailer1
  • 53%: Say that they shop at a store specifically for its private brand products2
  • 24%: Are not sure if a product is a retailer's private brand or a national or name brand1

  • Sources: 1 Kantar ShopperScape, Feb 2017; 2 Private Brand Intelligence Report, Damon, 2018

Fill-in or stock-up trips

Changing trends - which types are you are mostly capturing?

Source: Kantar Retail / Shopperscape® Feb/May 2017 U.S. Respondents: 7,088

Why the circular is still a media staple

of grocery retailers deliver weekly circulars.
Source: 2017 Advertising & Promotional Practices Among U.S. Grocery Retailers
In demand from shoppers
Q: What was part of your process the last time you purchased groceries?
Source: Kantar Retail Shopperscape May 2017
Millennials & readership
Considering younger generations and the overall decline in newspaper subscriptions, shared mail is a great way to deliver weekly circulars
“grocerySources: Newspaper: Scarborough Market/Release: Multi-Market 2017 Release 1, Dec 2015 – Apr 2017 projected; Shared Mail: NPD Awareness to Activation Study, July 2017

Case Study

A leading discount retailer wins shopper's attention and drives sales by integrating print circulars with digital display ads, across devices.

ROI: $12.48
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Coupon Insights

Coupons are the #1 influencer on grocery purchases
Source: Prosper Insights & Analytics, Media Behavior Influence, Jan 2017
Who are your promotionally sensitive shoppers?
And where are they all hiding? Find out – to sharpen your targeting and optimize your current Coupon Book (FSI) ad campaign and/or an integrated print and digital buy.

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Index Overview
Key trends: Paper Coupons & Paperless Discounts

The percentage of consumers using discounts from paperless sources has increased. Yet coupons from printed sources still account for the majority share of use. This demonstrates that shoppers value savings whether via printed or digital formats.

grocery-consumer-preference Source: 2K17 Valassis Coupon Intelligence Report
Digital Coupons
Source: Scarborough Multi-Market 2017, Release 1

Media Mix (Grocery, 2016)

Shared Mail tops the list –
  • proven to drive sales
  • insures the circular arrives in home
Source: Kantar Media Intelligence, VCI Internal Data
coupon book
Coupon Book
Best for running coupons or a co-branded ad (your store + CPG) to drive traffic

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Best for activating customers who are currently in the vicinity of your store

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direct mail
Direct Mail
Best for high visibility and engagement; it’s where customers expect to find their circulars

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Digital Display Advertising
Digital Display Advertising
Best for reaching shoppers on the go and creating awareness of your promotions across devices

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