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Drive awareness of your brand and your print promotions

Making sure our clients ads are seen is a priority. Our display inventory quality ranks higher than the industry – in viewability and brand safety. To reach and activate your high-potential customers wherever they are, we deliver precisely targeted advertising across devices: smartphones, tablets and computers. Format choices include:

  • Banner ads
  • Dynamic carousel ads
  • Video: in-banner and pre-roll
  • Expandable rich media

Announcing our new Consumer Activation Score

Who is promotionally sensitive in your category?
And where are they all hiding? Find out – to sharpen your targeting and optimize your current Coupon Book (FSI) ad campaign and/or an integrated print and digital buy.

Index Overview

Research: Motivating the Dynamic Shopper

From awareness to purchase, are digital ads producing an impact? More than you may realize. Apply findings from our recent study to prime and ignite consumer action.

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Display ad spending is projected to grow by billions

eMarketer, March 2015

What’s your best defense against ad fraud?

It’s a costly problem that requires urgent accountability. To help, we created a scorecard, so you know what questions to ask all your digital media partners.



IAB Certified
Our Sales, Account Management and Ad Operations teams are IAB certified industry experts


IAS Certified
We are an inaugural member of Integral Ad Science’s (IAS) Certified Viewability Partner Program


Quality Inventory
Our display inventory viewability ranks higher than the industry average *IAS 2015


Customer Service
Our account managers provide dedicated service through the entire sales lifecycle

Process to ensure your message reaches the most relevant audience
  1. Identify your audience using a unique combination of online and offline proprietary and syndicated data
  2. Locate your desired target audience at micro-neighborhood level (ATZs)
  3. Scale nationally using local insights across devices
Geo-targeting makes true print + digital integration possible

By mapping the U.S. into 105,000 Advertising Targeting Zones (ATZs), a sub-ZIP Code level targeting system, we’re able to identify the right pockets of opportunity for you, eliminate waste, and improve efficiency. You can extend the reach of your print campaigns or add a layer of frequency, thanks to Valassis’ proprietary neighborhood print targeting, too. High-indexing neighborhoods are based on your shoppers’:

  • Purchase habits
  • Household income
  • Children in household
  • Lifestyle and media usage

80% of consumers say brands don’t understand them*

Build a comprehensive, single view of your consumers’ online and offline behavior with our unrivaled and powerful data.

*eConsultancy, April 2015

Online and offline data


Age, ethnicity, education, household size, household income


Measures the lifestyle patterns, media behavior and interests


Purchase Habits
Shopping behavior and product usage potential

Proprietary coupon redemption data

With access to over 70% of the nation’s offline coupon dedemption data, Valassis Digital has the ability to target consumers who have redeemed coupons for a specific brand category. Our unique promotional data allows advertisers to reach more buyers of their products via custom segments and identifies price-conscious buyers.

Real results and proven ROI

The reporting capabilities through Valassis Digital go beyond standard KPIs to measure across attitudinal, behavioral and sales impact metrics.


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